Auction House Terms



  • Auctions will be held the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month and will start at 12:00 noon . Vehicles must be registered and ready for inspection no later than 10:00 A.M. day of sale. If vehicle(s) is pre-registered and not ready for sale at 10:00 A.M. , the reserved number(s) will be canceled & the vehicle(s) will go to the end of the vehicle line-up.

  • “AS IS”: All vehicles sold “AS IS” are sold with NO WARRANTY – EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

  • PAYMENT:All purchases must be paid for on day of sale. No vehicle or item will be released unless paid for by CASH, CASHIERS CHECK, MONEY ORDER. We also accept Visa, Master Card and Discover (please add a 3% fee on to all credit card purchases) Personal/Business checks will be accepted with an accompanying BANK LETTER OF GOOD STANDING, or have prior approved credit with Northland Auto Auction and Storage. Even if prior credit is approved and personal or business check is accepted in payment, no vehicle will be released until check has cleared the bank, except at the option of the owner or auctioneer. ALL FIRST TIME BUYERS WISHING TO WRITE A PERSONAL/BUSINESS CHECK MUST HAVE AN ACCOMPANYING BANK LETTER OF GOOD STANDING. Dealer Floor Planning is available at Northland Auto Auction and Storage.

  • BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY: After the Bidder, which may include the Auctioneer, has become the Buyer, with the accepted high bid, by the Auctioneer, whose decision is final, the Buyer becomes the owner of the vehicle/item and assumes full responsibility for its care and safety.

  • TITLES:No vehicle will be sold without title.BRANDED TITLES: (Damaged, Salvaged, etc…). SELLER is responsible to note branded titles at the time of consignment, on all vehicle 8 years and newer. Titles will be held until such time the title is in proper negotiable form. Private owners must have their name on the face of the title. All titles for purchased vehicles will be filled in with the new buyer’s name. We WILL NOT give out any open titles. LICENSED AUTO DEALERS: Late titles will be accessed a $50.00 late title fee.

  • STORAGE FEES:BUYERS and/or SELLERS have 3 days from day of sale to pick up vehicle(s) held on the premises of Northland Auto Auction and Storage or pay a $5/day storage fee starting on the fourth day. Vehicles left in the front parking lot over three (3) days, are subject to being impounded.

  • CANCELLATION OF VEHICLES: If, for any reason, SELLER wishes to cancel his/her reserved number, SELLER must do so no later than Friday by 6:00 p.m. or pay a $40.00 no-sale fee.

  • RIDE & DRIVE POLICY: If vehicle is sold with a “ride & drive”, new owner is given the opportunity to test drive vehicle approximately 2 miles (engine & power train must be in good working condition). The SELLER of vehicle must accompany high bidder on the “ride & drive” test drive. Test drives must be completed by 4:00 P.M. day of sale.

  • MILEAGE STATEMENT: Northland Auto Auction and Storage represents the vehicle mileage as: actual, over, unknown or not applicable. When stated “over”, it is meant over 100,000 miles.

  • TAMPERING: A minimum of $50.00 will be charged to anyone caught tampering with the vac. lines, electrical wires, etc….

  • VEHICLE V.I.N. & EQUIPMENT: The BUYER is responsible for verification of the Vehicle Identification number (VIN or serial number), odometer reading, year of vehicle, options and equipment. Any discrepancy must be reported on sale day. Northland Auto Auction and Storage assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of the odometer reading.